Maximize your Commission

Learn how to make the most out of our products, promotions, and bundles.

Lift Tickets

Selling lift tickets is just the start of how to maximize your commission, Make sure you know all of our the promotion dates to help curate an amazing vacation for your guest.


On average our TO's made 20% more commission on every sale when they bundled with Rental. Make sure your guests start their vacation off on the right foot by renting their equipment in resort.

Ski & Snowboard Schools

New this year are commissionable Ski & Snowboard School products. Get ready for more money in your pocket.

top 10 selling tips

1. Go through this website and make sure you watch the training videos, visit our resources page for printable documents, and check out the Aspen 101 page for everything your guests will need to have a perfect vacation. 

2. Make sure to sell your ski packages with ski school and rental up front. It will make your job easier and putting more money in your pocket. 

*Remember that Ski & Snowboard Schools of Aspen give commission on all private lessons booked. 

3. Attend an in person training with your dedicated Sales Manager when they come to visit.

4.  Always book the maximum amount of lift tickets, rental and ski school lessons for the days your guests will be here. The more you book the more your guest saves. We have the Aspen Snowmass Guarantee.

5. Remember we have the Aspen Snowmass Guarantee. Any unused days on your guests lift ticket will be refunded to them to put towards current and future purchases of lift tickets, rentals and ski school products. 


6. Fly your guests into the Aspen Airport. Your guests will have a better experience getting to Aspen and once they are here they don’t even need to rent a car. The ease of transportation in Aspen is out of this world. Check out our Transportation page for more information.

7. Make sure to sign your guests up for our Lodge Delivery Feature. Lodge Delivery saves your guest time and energy when they are in resort. No need to go to a ticket office to pick up their lift tickets. We will deliver everything straight to their lodging prior to their arrival. Believe us, if they’ve had a late flight, they’ll love being able to just walk onto the lift in the morning. 

8. Avoid negative guest feedback. There is a reason that Aspen Snowmass comes in at the top in everything. It’s because we do customer service incredibly well, not just in resort but throughout the whole town. It is a town for everyone and it is the best ski resort to not ski in.   

9. Make sure to watch Aspen Extreme and Dumb & Dumber to see why we are a Hollywood sensation and to learn where some of our infamous hype came from. Also they are both suburb movies!

10. Come here and experience Aspen yourself! If you are selling or thinking about selling aspen to your clients come and visit us. We offer several FAM trips a year. Contact your Aspen Snowmass sales manager to learn more!